Joining the (e)revolution

Joining the (e)revolution

Totem's Journey to Industry Excellence 

Totem is proud partner in joining the (e)revolution, an extraordinary event dedicated exclusively to the electric bike industry in North America. This was a groundbreaking B2B2C expo catering to the needs of electric bike retailers, manufacturers, and passionate consumers. Totem is leveraging this platform to showcase innovative all-terrain electric bikes. Let's dive into the exciting details!


The e-bike revolution is here, and with it comes an unparalleled opportunity to revolutionize the way we perceive transportation. Let’s face it, electric bikes are transforming micromobility as we know it. The way we commute, exercise, and explore our surroundings has all changed thanks to modern innovations with electric bicycles. With soaring popularity among riders of all ages due to their many advantages, eBikes are here to stay. Let's take a closer look at how electric bikes enhance your cycling experience:


- Extended Range and Speed

- Sustainable Vehicle Alternative

- Transportation Cost Savings

- Fitness Boost, Less Effort

- Relaxed Commuting

- Enjoyable Riding Experience


As a prominent participant in the e-bike market, Totem is a crucial element of the renowned Golden Wheel Group, headquartered in Tianjin and offering innovative, high-quality e-bikes that satisfy a wide segment of customers. Totem guarantees an outstanding level of excellence in their products and the best value for the money thanks to the benefit of manufacturer direct relationships with suppliers.


Totem's involvement in (e)revolution marks a crucial turning point in its mission to become an industry leader in the US market and build closer relationships with devoted clients. The exhibition offers Totem the ideal venue to showcase its outstanding line of electric bike models, displaying the company's dedication to technological advancement, unwavering quality assurance, and customer-centric principles. Totem is committed to advancing the e-bike market through ongoing innovation, market expansion, and the delivery of top-notch goods and services to clients across the world.


Remember, the e-bike revolution is here, and TOTEM is at the forefront of this exciting movement. Totem is prepared to leave a lasting impression at the (e)revolution expo with its unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Totem will pave the path for a greener, more sustainable future.


Embrace it. Experience it. Join the e-bike revolution today!

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